Semi-automatic thermosealer TSES-3

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The thermosealing machine is a professional tool that allows you to apply a transparent plastic film and seal numerous types of food intended for sale to the public in a precise and refined manner

It is particularly useful for caterers and restaurants that carry out home delivery or take away service, because they avoid any loss of oil or seasoning from the prepared dishes, optimize their transport and preserve quality

Machines ideal for delicatessenspasta factories as well as supermarket counters for packaging and storing numerous types of both fresh and dry foods, such as cheeses, cured meats and cold cuts, fresh pasta, biscuits and baked goods: the thermosealers are in fact suitable for those preparations for which storage for long periods is not necessary because the product is consumed shortly after purchase

Our die-cut thermosealer TSPS-FUS-2 is suitable for trays and whey collectors with maximum dimensions of 420 x 280 H 175 mm and are good for reels with a width of 450 mm for a maximum diameter of 250 mm, it is a compact machine combined with a large sealing surface and film cut around the edge of the tray with an excellent aesthetic finish, which makes it perfect for supermarket shelves. The scrap recovery option also helps automate the welding process

Made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, it is pneumatically powered with tray loading and manual-pneumatic movement, voltage 220 V and absorption min 1500 W max 2500 W

Supplied with a one-cavity mold included, it features 9 customized welding programs and a production capacity of up to 8 cycles per minute

Codice TSPS-FUS-2
Max dimensions of package 420 x 280 h 175 mm
Maximum reel width and diameter L= 450 – Ø 250 mm
Machine dimensions 560 x 580 h 510 mm / 65 kg
Electrical consumption power 220 V – 1500 W / 2500 W
Power supply Electric
Expected average hourly production 3 – 8 cycles per minute
Sectors Dairy, Meat and cured meats, Fish, Gastronomy, Food, Pasta factory, Bakery, Agriculture
Notes This product may take 15/20 business days to ship

7.300,00  + V.A.T.

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Semi-automatic thermosealer TSES-3
7.300,00  + V.A.T.
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